2nd Novel: Take 2


I’ve been dabbling with a new writing project for a while now. At this point, I’ve written so many different opening chapters that I can’t wait to write the ending chapters just to mix it up. Basically, I’ve started a lot of story ideas with hope that one of them would stick and resonate so I could continue a new story in a direction I could live with. This turned out to be quite challenging and well, frustrating and disheartening as well. It took me revisiting an old opening chapter that I had written a few years ago that I really liked. It reveals so much about the protagonist and her situation at the opening while keeping the secrets close to the heart. It also has a lot of humor, which I love. I’ve decided to expand beyond one chapter for this story. I’m giving new life to my 2nd novel project!

This will not be a continuation of “Swing Sets.” I think it’s important to differentiate the characters to establish early on that this is a different story with different characters and situations and challenges. I’ve been writing non-stop for this storyline lately and it’s coming along. It’s all very exciting. I can’t wait until it’s finished and I can share more details.

Stay tuned for updates!!


Second Time’s a Charm


After the successful debut of my self-published novel SWING SETS, I have decided to work on a new writing project!

I’m planning a new novel — not a sequel, to SWING SETS but rather a standalone story. I’ve written a first chapter so far, and while I can’t share any details at this point, I am very excited about constructing this new creative endeavor.

Stay tuned for more updated on my writing process with this new project!

For now, you can find my debut novel SWING SETS on Amazon.com as a paperback and Kindle book, and on Barnes & Noble. Also, SWING SETS and myself are on Goodreads, too. Let’s connect!



What Comes Next?


So I did it. I wrote my first novel. I self published my first novel. SWING SETS is a major accomplishment for me. I’m very proud of it. And I’m sure more people will discover the book and it’s current and relatable story going forward.

The question now is do I have any other stories to tell? The answer is yes!

I am working on a concept for a new, current, and relatable story that I am writing into a novel! Book #2 is in the works. I’m taking what I learned from SWING SETS and infusing it into this project. I am so excited about it! It is tough to let go of the characters I wrote in SWING SETS and move on to   a new cast, but I am looking forward to this challenge. I wish I could divulge more, but this is all I can say for now.

Stay tuned for more updates about my process of writing a second book. Thanks again for all of your support!

New SWING SETS Facebook Page


My debut novel SWING SETS now has an official Facebook page!!

You can support the book by ‘Like’-ing the page by going to the link at www.facebook.com/SwingSetsNovel

Another way to support SWING SETS is by purchasing the book as a paperback edition or by downloading it as a Kindle ebook through this link: SWING SETS on Amazon.com

I appreciate all the support for my debut self-published fiction work. ‘Like’ the page, buy the book, and spread the word!!

“Swing Sets” Is Now On Kindle!!

Big News for “Swing Sets”! The countdown is over!
For all of you e-book reading, Kindle owners (I see you on the trains reading to make the commute go by faster), my debut novel “Swing Sets” is now an e-book on Kindle!!
You can access the e-book through the Kindle store via the Free Kindle Reading App (available on Apple and Android devices). Here is the buy link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W6EJTUK
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The book is still available in paperback on BarnesAndNoble.com and Amazon.com for those who love physical pages as opposed to digital ones.
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I appreciate all the support.

Countdown to the “Swing Sets” Kindle eBook!


Start the countdown!! My debut novel, Swing Sets, is going to be a Kindle ebook this week! We’re about a day away from going live and ready for purchase from the Amazon store.

I know a lot of people are dedicated Kindle and ebook readers, so this is another way for them to read and enjoy Swing Sets. If you are one of these people, definitely check out the ebook when it goes live. (I’ll be sure to post when it does go live.)

Also, check out the book on GoodReads. I also like friends, so feel free to connect with me on GoodReads.

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